Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions regarding registration, curriculum, fees, online class and refund policy answered.

My child has no prior exposure to Baal Vidya or any other similar course, should I enroll in Level-1 or the level suggested on the website as per the age group?

We suggest to enroll your child in the age-appropriate level mentioned on the website (Level-1 from 6 to 8 years, Level-2 from 9 to 12 years and Level-3 from 13 to 16 years). There is no prior knowledge necessary for any level. If needed, teachers may let you know in the beginning of the session if the level change is recommended for your child.

What is the curriculum of the Baal Vidya? What do you teach in each level?

Please refer to our curriculum page for the details. We have developed an age-appropriate syllabus and the teaching material for Baal Vidya. This curriculum was specially designed for the children being raised in the western society so that they can learn about their cultural roots in easy-to-understand ways. Please enroll your child in one of the three levels of Baal Vidya as per the age group.

Are the Baal Vidya classes offered ONLINE or in-person and what are the fees?

We offer ONLINE Baal Vidya classes on Sunday at 11:00 AM (Eastern Standard Time) for an hour. This helps the students from North America as well as Europe to take the advantage of this learning opportunity from their homes. We charge nominal fees of CAD $150 for the entire term (September to June) per child. We offer family discount for more than one child (Two children: $250, Three children: $300 and Four children: $350).

I have registered my child in the Baal Vidya but I have not received any link for the online class yet, when should I expect that?

For the new session starting in the September, the teachers from each level will provide these details in their welcome email latest by the first week of September. If you register after that you will get email within a week of the registration.

I am interested to enroll my child in Baal Vidya now but if this doesn’t work out for my child for some reason, will I get refund?

As per our refund policy we charge an administrative fee of $30 if a child wanted to drop out of the class during 30 days of the start of the class. There is no refund after the 30 days.